In 1997, I graduated from Codarts, the Rotterdam Dance Academy (University of the Arts in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands), during which I studied the many styles of Modern and Jazz dance and dance education. To further specialize my skills in West -African dance I was granted a scholarship to study at the roots. This allowed  to train extensively with ‘The National Dance Company of Ghana’, ‘Ballet National Djoliba’ in Guinea, and at the University of Arts in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast (l’Insaac). Since I undertook diverse study trips to expand my knowledge and skills  at the Alvin Aily School in New York, and in Harlem, with Germaine Acogny in Amsterdam, with F. Nii Yartey in Ghana and Ballet Bsikolo in Guinea.

Since my graduation I started lecturing African dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, to preparatory school adolescents, 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students, which I continued to do until I moved to Perth in 2008. Simultaneously, I have been a performing artist touring nationally and internationally: as a contemporary dancer in Youth Theatre Companies; as an African dancer  performing with diverse musical groups on world music and dance stages and festivals; and as a Latin dancer in various Latin Dance Companies which let me to perform and  represent The Netherlands at Salsa Congresses, such as in the UK, France and Puerto Rico US. As a choreographer I created pieces for Codarts, various Salsa/Latin dance congresses, and many (semi-)professional theatre groups and productions.

The last few years before moving to Perth, I have been an education manager for the national institute for recreational arts in the Netherlands, organizing and presenting workshops programms for the professional development of teachers, skill building and promoting alternative pathways of teacher training in dance, and organizing national seminars and events.

In 2012, I finished my Master’s at UWA focusing on  health & wellbeing, and more specifically body image and self esteem in relation to education, health coaching and psychology. Currently, I apply this new gained knowledge whilst lecturing at Universities, and in schools and communities through presentations that promote mental wellbeing combined with creative movement workshops.