I offer many possibilities in combining dance or movement with or without presentations; please don’t hesitate to discuss possibilities with me. Below are some examples of my regular activities:

-      Choreography projects for different age and skills; term projects where we work towards a performance with an audience (for adults, children or both). This often involves creative dance and multi-ethnic dance with costumes in a theatre setting.

-      Workshops and classes for primary and secondary education on topics as body esteem, empowerment, cooperation, tolerance.

-      Short projects for  youth in schools or communities about topics such as resilience, self and body esteem, tolerance and individuality, and mind versus body talk. These can lead to a presentation

-      Dance lectures at Universities for education and physical education students on ”Teaching creative dance to children’ with elements as developing creativity, Laban movement analysis, creative learning through movement in contrast with teaching dance vocabulary, teaching methodologies, lesson plans and how to structure choreography/working with music.

For further information regarding dance classes, choreography, and workshops see