Below are some examples of my work with adults, children and adolescents in which I promote mental wellbeing or facilitate professional training and development.

-     ‘Creative learning for children through movement’ and/or dance. This (interactive) presentation explains how creative movement can result into positive emotions and subsequently positive body esteem, self esteem and connections. This presentation is suitable for parents or carers, and is often followed by creative dance workshops for accompanying children. The latter can be closed of by a presentation.

-     ‘Drum your own beat’; presentations for teens about finding their individuality and strengths, and about being loyal and truthful to themselves. This presentation can be combined with movement and /or dance exercises that explore and build body wisdom and awareness, connection, boundaries, own voice and empowerment. Where possible, these presentations  can be ideal for only girl or boy groups.

-     Tailored creative, imaginative and interactive presentation workshops for children and youth in schools or communities about topics such as resilience, self and body esteem, tolerance, individuality and mind versus body talk. These can be followed by, for example, a discussion, or combined with grounding, balancing and awareness exercises and dance elements. By including the physical dimension the information can become embodied directly which will deepen the understanding and facilitate the emotional learning.

-      Lectures for tertiary educational institutions or teachers containing training in ‘education in dance’ and ‘creative dance development’. Learning through movement in contrast with learning movements. These lectures and practical workshops prepare student educators in working with dance and movement on music with the aim to develop children’s creativity and explore possibilities, rather than having them copy vocabulary or miming movements. Choreography and the use of music in dance are mostly included in the sessions.